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Manage Sweat in Your Prosthesis

How Can I Manage Sweat in my Prosthesis? One of the great benefits of Florida life is that you can be outside and active year round.  However, this could lead to sweat build up in your prosthesis.  Especially if you have an active lifestyle. Not only are you uncomfortable, but you also run the risk […]

New Prosthesis?

9 Tips to Maximize the benefits of your new prosthesis If you are a recent amputee there are some things you can do on a regular basis to improve and enhance the use of your prosthesis. If you are looking to maximize the use of your prosthesis and achieve success in your daily life following […]

What is Phantom Limb Pain and How to Deal With It

Phantom Limb Pain Management There are many obstacles you will conquer following an amputation.   In the weeks and months following an amputation, you may feel certain sensations or pain in the area of your former limb.  This is referred to by doctors and amputees as phantom limb pain.  Phantom limb pain can be a serious […]


Athletes with Prosthetics

An athletic lifestyle as an amputee is no different Were you once an avid athlete prior to an amputation? Losing a limb is difficult for every amputee but it can be especially frustrating for those who previously played sports. Being unable to compete in sporting activities can seem discouraging. However, just because you have a […]

Tips for Pediatric Orthotics

Tips for parents of pediatric orthotic patients When you have a child in need of an ankle-foot orthosis or AFO, it can be stressful trying to choose the best style and fit.  That is where we come in.  Our orthotist will help you and your child feel at ease from ordering to wearing pediatric orthotics.  […]


Creating a Custom Prosthesis

Steps to Creating a Custom Prosthesis Every patient’s amputation situation is unique. All prosthetic limbs are custom fitted to meet each patient’s specific needs and lifestyle. There are many important steps from beginning to end that will ensure a comfortable fit.