While undergoing rehab, I was visited by an amputee with a backwards foot as a knee, he even brought me steak! As I learned how an amputee can overcome disabilities I was encouraged by O&P Centers and their staff. Even when I quit on myself they didn’t quit on me. Now I’m at the Center for Emerging Technologies studying in an engineering program full-time. I have a left below-knee amputation and a right above knee amputation and I can walk through any terrain!

Josshua Lanauze

At OPC I was treated like a person, being on a first name status with most of the staff. Orthotic & Prosthetic Centers went out of their way to take time and customize the look and feel of my prosthesis. My insurance paperwork was frustrating. The staff at OPC patiently helped me get all the required medical and insurance documents filled out and submitted. Another thing that has been great about Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers are the events. We often meet for amputee group or public outings.

Deb Jarvis

I have been an amputee for a little over a year. OPC has been responsible for my prosthetic needs throughout this period. Prior to my surgery I met with Ty Wilson, OPC’s Patient Advocate who provided valuable information about what I should expect. From the day of my surgery Michael Weiss, my Prosthetist, took care of all my prosthetic needs. I highly recommend OPC, Michael and Ty to any amputee or prospective amputee

Robert H. Bishop III