Patient Spotlight

Robert from Sarasota Florida

Robert shares an incredibly touching story of how his injury would not take him away from his mission, and would not distract him. He shares how OPC showed him how to bounce back from limb-loss.

Gareth W connects with us & Shares his story

Gareth W. talks about how he found OPC and through trust and dedication helped get him back doing all the athletic things he used to do.

OPC Golf & Tough Mudder

Amputees can have a very active lifestyle, as Hector explains if you just work hard- everything’s going to be all right.

Amputee Stories and Patient Spotlight OPC

Proves Anything is Possible. Overcome, Persevere, Conquer.

DJ Provides Inspiration for Amputees

Meet DJ, watch him talk about his story and hear his message for you- how you too can Overcome, Persevere and Conquer.

Proyector de Paciente OPC.

Meet Antonio, above the knee amputee, and watch his story of how he overcame little by little and listen to his message for you.

Amputee Art N from Indian Rocks Beach

72 years young and a below the knee amputee. Art has an amazing story full of inspiration and words of encouragement. Watch him talk about his experience and what keeps him going.

Amputee Henry T from Daytona

With words of wisdom and encouragement, Henry shares his journey as an amputee, a grandfather and husband. OP Centers of Florida has helped thousands of amputees with prosthetics for their lifestyle and needs. Each month we feature a patient spotlight and a new story.

Amputee Jeremy M. Shares his OPC story

Jeremy is a below the knee amputee, 34 years old. He shares his inspiring story and his ability to overcome the odds. Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers Inc has helped him keep his every day life and his words of encouragement and positivity are truly motivational.

OPC Patient Spotlight – Below the knee amputee

Zachary H. 51 yr old amputee. Right, below the knee. Orthotics and Prosthetics Center of Florida presents patients in the spotlight, their stories and how they’ve overcome. Let Zack’s story inspire you.

OPC Patient Spotlight Melbourne – 82 Yr Old Below the knee amputee

John’s incredible story about his prosthesis and his positive attitude that overcame any obstacle. At 82 yrs of age John golfs 3 times a week. He is a below the knee amputee that doesn’t let anything get in his way. Take a look as we shine a spotlight on John! View our other incredible patient spotlight stories of other amputees and the challenges they’ve overcome.

Dria, 21 Yr Old – Left, above the knee amputee.

Incredible story about her journey and experience as an amputee and with OP Centers. A truly inspirational video.