We treat patients as individuals and can provide lower limb prosthetics that serve the specific needs of the patient.

Ischial Containment Designs

Put simply, this prosthesis is suitable for patients whose amputation is above the knee. It controls, or eliminates, movement of the socket.

This design gives the patient more side-to-side stability and is more energy efficient.

Microprocessor Controlled Systems

Patient results can be extraordinary with this computer controlled device.

Sensors and gauges relay information to the knee which can apply the correct amount of friction, giving the patient a more energy efficient gait pattern and an increased sense of security on various types of terrain

Endoskeletal Prosthetic Systems

Endoskeletal prostheses utilize aluminum, titanium, graphite and other tubular material to form the central supporting structure, and they usually have modular or interchangeable connectors and other components such as knees and feet.

This system provides the patient with better ambulation and has a more cosmetic appearance. Endoskeletal prostheses also tend to be lighter in weight and offer more component options with more adjustability. endoskeletal prostheses have the ability to be adjusted greatly after construction and finishing.

Exoskeletal Prosthetic Systems

Exoskeletal prostheses are the older design with the outer shell of the device hard and hollow. It becomes the weight bearing platform for the prosthesis.

It can be modified for a range of patients such as heavy duty users and children, however, it should be noted that exoskeletal prostheses are permanently set, requiring significant effort and the actual cutting apart of the prosthesis to make changes.

Energy Storing Componentry

This concept is closely related with prosthetic feet.

This is an energy storing foot and is designed for weight range or a direct correlation to the patient’s height, weight, activity level or vocation.

Vacuum Systems

The vacuum pump in this system evacuates air from the socket. It creates a negative pressure with every step which improves overall control of the prosthesis.

Pressure on the residual limb is greatly reduced.

Immediate Post-Op Prosthetics

Designed for below the knee amputations, this system allows rehabilitation to begin immediately after the surgical procedure.

It protects the surgical site, makes wound care easier and allows early weight bearing.