At a very difficult time in your life, our expert, professional staff will assist you in finding the mastectomy forms and bras that are custom fitted. Our staff is sensitive to your needs and privacy.

External Breast Prosthesis

An external breast prosthesis is an artificial breast form that can be worn inside the pocket of amastectomy bra. It helps balance the body and keeps the bra on the side of the mastectomy from riding up, which helps prevent back and neck pain and a sagging shoulder. Breast prostheses are custom-designed for most women. They are made from several different types of material (such as silicone gel, foam, and fiberfill) that are of similar weight and feel to natural breast tissue.

We provide standard breast forms, light and extra light breast forms, leisure forms and swim forms and we will help you choose what will best meet your needs. We also have available the newest and most light weight prostheses, Impressions. This breast form is designed to blend naturally with the shape and size of your bra and it can be worn either in the pocket of your bra or next to your skin. On average, prostheses need to be replaced every one to two years.

Mastectomy Brassieres

Mastectomy bras have soft inner linings and special pockets to accommodate your prosthesis. Our experts can fit you with many different bra styles including underwire, soft cup, sports and camisole style bras.

A camisole style bra or a full cup mastectomy bra will give you comfort and security after breast surgery. On average, post-mastectomy bras need to be replaced every three months to a year.