Prosthetic Care

Our mission at Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers is to use the most innovative and advanced design techniques to provide every amputee a prosthesis that best helps them achieve their individual goals. At OPC we pride ourselves on combining the highest quality patient care, expertly-fitted prostheses and outstanding service.

Our team of licensed, board-certified practitioners has decades of experience in patient care to draw from when developing a prosthetic plan for you and your loved ones. As we are truly a team, all patients benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our practitioners collectively to provide the best possible outcomes. In addition, OPC’s amputee Patient Advocates, who are amputees themselves, use their knowledge of the challenges ahead to provide patients with counsel and additional emotional support when it’s needed most.

OPC’s practitioners work closely with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure each patient receives both the most appropriate prosthetic component and the knowledge needed to best use it to meet their specific goals. All prosthetic fabrication takes place at our facilities around the state where OPC fabrication experts ensure each prosthesis looks as good as it functions.

We know that providing the best possible prosthesis is about more than just replacing a lost limb; it is about helping every amputee regain their independence so they can move forward with renewed confidence and hope for the future.

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