Vitality to You by Genesis Rehab Services

Helping patients regain or retain their independence in the comfort of their own home

Vitality to You offers comprehensive rehabilitation services with  highly trained therapists that specialize  and perform comprehensive assessments, develop individualized plans of care, and provide evidence based treatment to achieve the highest quality of life for the patients we serve.

Genesis Rehab Services manages, staffs and operates rehab clinics in more than 1,600 skilled nursing facilities, independent living and assisted living communities, hospitals, home health companies, adult day care programs, and outpatient clinics throughout the country.

Now with Vitality to You, we can go to wherever the needs are and we will tailor our services to meet those needs.

OPC is excited to offer these services to our patients and help close the gap between prosthetic delivery and therapy.

Now patients can receive their prosthetic care and the therapy that is needed all in one.

To learn more about physical and occupational therapy that Vitality to You offers, you can visit or watch the video at or contact Stephen Csicsek at 386.283.8618